Oh my my my..🎢

Am I the only one who hates admitting that she likes Taylor Swift songs because…you know.. mostly teenagers love her..and there is so much of craze surrounding her..but secretly hymns her songs and actually loves them?!

14 thoughts on “Oh my my my..🎢

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift. I love her old old songs that I came out when I was in junior high, but now I feel there is so much hype surrounding her; I change the radio station now if one of her new songs comes on. They are just WAY over played.

    But I like One Direction :O

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  2. I also hate admitting that I use to listen some of his old songs for me they were quite good.Now I just think she is losing herself to the world of modern pop music and losing her style as well by imitating other artists

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