We turn ONE!

happygirl5Yesterday was my 1st anniversary with WordPress. I am like that husband who forgets the date and compensates for it a day later! Of course it means a lot to me darling. I have been so busy. bla and blah. Couldn’t find time on the D-day, but I will make up for it today.
So anyway, I am happy about this ONE year thing.
We have had a pleasant journey…I and my blog. It has made me more calm from inside, if you guys know what I mean?
I have had episodes in the last year…heart breaks, journeys, insomnia, moments of doubt, highs and lows. You know, usual human stuff. I have let it all out here and realized that happiness manifolds when you share it with others and blues get pacified at so many levels. Being faulty, or feeling lonely doesn’t come across as weird anymore. People out here are lovely. They have cheered me and appeased me; made me fly high on days I recognized as plain ordinary.


Then, I read what others write. On some days I ponder about it, the other days marvel at it. Some make me sad, some make me jubilant and some make my mouth go wide open! I kind of knew I had this emotional side to me and people here hit the damn right chords. So, THANK YOU all.
I tend to continue.
Happy blogging to myself and everyone reading it. Yoohooo!


32 thoughts on “We turn ONE!

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the “One Year Club” (I just made that up!). Like you, I have been really impressed, and surprised, at the contacts that would never have happened without WP and blogging. It is always nice to have experience of some really sensitive, creative, thought provoking, humorous and “positive outlook” individuals …….. in comparison to the constant “doom and gloom” blabberings of the news media. Please keep it up! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you Colin…:) ..One Year Club is cool (I just pseudo joined it)… Well I tend to agree with you here. It is heart warming to see how much others have to share. I relate to many things what they write on.


  2. One year! Wow! That’s great and too you now have a written record for posterity’s sake! Ha! Ten years from now you can scrooooooll backwards and hopefully, laugh at the person you are…well, now. You will laugh because I think you are only going to get better!

    And to tell the absolute truth, I really look forward to your posts. Thanks!

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