My choice

There are two ways about it. About any conflicting situation. For any troubling scenario. You either let it get on your nerves or you let it not bother you. You either rub your head around it or you don’t give a fuck. Not to be rude, but you either let it gulp you in, or you choose to Β wade out of it. This time around, I am choosing to take it light! All these collective bunch of complexities.

Yes, easier said than done. Agreed, not a cake walk. Probably, a sporadic momentary positive thought. But, the intentions are benign. No harm done, no harm taken. Keep a good heart. Keep that smile on. Keep faith in those weird beautiful accidents happening in space. I am urging it to myself and well, you guys too!

That’s me, Miss Feathery Lightsome below. :D.




23 thoughts on “My choice

  1. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    Love the positivity and sense of humor! Perfect way to handle to difficult situations. We are all works in progress so we will slip up at times but to have that thought consciously is a beautiful thing! Keep shining!

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  2. Good Choice !
    Until the times keep turning your head and until you get to know what this is all about.
    You can check below comment and post.

    In the end, what matters is if you are smiling from the bottom of your heart and if you can make peace with yourself and your thoughts πŸ™‚

    A wonderful new year ahead.


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      • Well, that’s why you have friends who can may be push a little at times when it is required. Show a different view via them, which is view on the inside to one’s own self. Anyway what I believe is life is what we make of it. We will definitely have events in life, good and not so good ones. We just have to keep smiling :). After all we get just one LIFE.

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